We live in a representative democracy. Our power as citizens rests in our choosing who is going to represent us by who we vote for.

At ACT Elections, it is up to us to select the candidates who we think are best qualified for the job and who will work to advance the interests of the community they represent and strengthen democratic systems.

Before each election, CAPaD asks each candidate to tell you, the voter, why they are qualified to represent you, how they will strengthen democracy and how they are going to do that. We ask them to put in a Candidate Statement  which we put here on the website to help you decide who deserves your vote.

You will find links to each election's page in the relevant tab below.

2019 Federal election

The 2019 Federal election showed us that a Federal election presents a different level of organisation compared to an ACT election. The issues are different and the number of candidates across House of Representatives and the Senate makes it a much larger exercise. All major party and most other minor party and independent candidates ignored our requests for candidate statements.

Our website traffic however increased: visitors grew to nearly 2000 from less than 100, and visits went from under 500 to 4000 during May 2019. So some one was interested in our candidate statements.

This comprised about 1460 views of candidate statements, as well as 337 reviews of the 2016 Federal election and 581 views of the 2016 ACT election pages.