Representing as a two way street

… issues with our democracy go deeper than just how governments and their public servants develop policies, and how they involve citizens in doing that.

Representative democracy requires citizens to delegate the role of “governing” to their elected representatives. But in our increasingly informed and educated electorate, citizens are demanding more, they want to see outcomes improve and they expect to be able to hold their elected representatives to account for that.

Attribution required


In 2020 we followed up on our 2016 election Candidate Statements by interviewing 15 of our MLAs about what they thought about their role as representatives.

We have reflected on what they told us, and our report on their responses is available here.

SouthFest was a Community Party held in the Tuggeranong Town Centre on 24 November 2018

69 people told us what they thought important attributes of an MLA are. See what they said here.